The Flower Patch, Sweet Annie

I want you to meet Kathy from The Flower Patch. I love her Sweet Annie. It is preserved and not dried and I recommend her Annie to all of the crafters out there. It has a wonderful scent and does not turn brown and fall apart. I think her pricing is very reasonable. Thanks Kathy for taking the time to visit my blog and answer a few questions. Thank you, Alice, for inviting me to be a guest, on your blog. Where are you located? I live with my husband and two children in the country, just outside of Medford, Wisconsin. How long have you been selling your florals? We started growing flowers eleven years ago. That first year, I made mostly bouquets and went to a couple of different farmer’s markets. The second year we tried preserving our flowers and selling at craft shows around Wisconsin. Five years ago I started my website and just about this time of year, four years ago, I started selling on eBay. Your swags and bouquets are beautiful. Did you take a floral arranging course or are you a natural?
Thank you for the compliment. I have never taken a floral arranging class. When I have time, I like to look through magazines to see how people are decorating. Sometimes I see something that gives me an idea and I do a quick sketch of an arrangement that would work. Those sketches end up hanging from a wooden clothes pin in my work shop, until I feel inspired to try it. What made you take the plunge to make your hobby into a business? I had gone on to school for graphic design and was employeed full time as a Graphic Designer, for nine years. Then we had our first child and we decided that I should become a stay at home mom. So, I stayed home and did freelance graphic design, for a large company. During this time we built a new home, had a second child and the deadlines for projects kept getting tighter. I found myself staying up to 2am to get projects done, so I could be a good mom during the day. That’s when we started growing flowers. It was something our two small children could help with and it got me outside during the day. We built a shed that looks like a barn, with the drying area upstairs and my work area downstairs. I tried doing both jobs for a year and finally took the plunge three years ago, to go with just The Flower Patch. What is your best selling item? My best selling product, is my bulk Preserved Sweet Annie groupings.

Anything else you would like us to know? If you place an order with me in the future, just let me know that you read about me on Alice’s blog. You can do that by typing the following code (sweet wimzees) into the message area on PayPal, when you pay me. I will then include a little extra item, with your order. Thank you, Kathy The Flower Patch You can find Kathy here: Website EBay Listings


Shave and a Haircut-$32, LOVE-Priceless

Taa Daa Introducing INDY, He is so much happier. The groomer said that she didn't think he had been groomed to many times as he was pretty skittish. She made it super short to be able to get rid of the matted hair, and now with brushing and care maybe next time we can leave a little more on. He had such long nails and those are cut too. When Ralph went in to get him he was ecstatic, probably thought he was changing families again when he was there so long. He heard Ralph and started barking and wining and the groomer said "you must be here to get Indy!"


A new Travelling Buddy

So, we have been looking for a certain someone to join us in our moving home. we found him yesterday. He is a 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Already trained, whoo hoo! I gave him a bath and brushed him but his hair is matted and he will have to go to the groomers, hopefully, in a couple of days. He has followed me all around, loves to walk on a leash, and slept in our bed last night. His name is Sparkles, however, we don't like it, and want to call him Indy. Does anyone out there know if he will learn a new name? He's such a sweetie.

It is not that difficult to ship Out of the US

I had someone email me from Australia and wondered if I would ship to them. I told them that shipping was so prohibitive to ship overseas I had never done it, but I would check it out. Well, many of you may know this but I didn't and there may be some of you that don't know like me. If you have an item or several and they do not weigh over 13 ounces, you can ship them first class parcel. Well, mine only weighed about 6 ounces and I was able to send them to her for only $6.50. wow, I was excited and I made a sale! I shipped in a bubble envelope I purchased from Walmart. Now I talked to the young girl at my post office here in Alabama and she told me the countries, she found with the best shipping within the country are Canada, Great Britain, Australia and Japan. She said Italy is bad and that she heard from her customers that their post just throws the packages in the street! She recommended that I not ship to Italy. Sorry, if I have any readers from there. So I think I will change my listings and I will ship to these countries she recommended. Just thought I would let you all know my experience. Now how long it takes for her to receive it, we shall see. My post office says about 10 days. Will let you know.


Old Farmhouse Gathering Team

Old Farmhouse Gathering Team
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