A new Travelling Buddy

So, we have been looking for a certain someone to join us in our moving home. we found him yesterday. He is a 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Already trained, whoo hoo! I gave him a bath and brushed him but his hair is matted and he will have to go to the groomers, hopefully, in a couple of days. He has followed me all around, loves to walk on a leash, and slept in our bed last night. His name is Sparkles, however, we don't like it, and want to call him Indy. Does anyone out there know if he will learn a new name? He's such a sweetie.


Deena Davis said...

Oh my!! Is he ever cute. I think he will probably learn his new name. We I adopted my dog he was about a year old. His name at that time was Samson, I changed it to Rudy and he learned it quick. The poor old guy is now 15 years old and can barely hear what I call him, but he's in great shape otherwise. - Enjoy!! He's a sweetie!

Cordwood Cabin said...

What a cutie! We adopted a shelter dog whose name was Yancym which we changed to Jackie, and she has no problem responding to us -- I think any dog that's loved will come when called by their favorite people, no matter the name. Good luck with the little fellow!

Alice said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement. He is at my feet as I post! Yup, he's a keeper!


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