Shave and a Haircut-$32, LOVE-Priceless

Taa Daa Introducing INDY, He is so much happier. The groomer said that she didn't think he had been groomed to many times as he was pretty skittish. She made it super short to be able to get rid of the matted hair, and now with brushing and care maybe next time we can leave a little more on. He had such long nails and those are cut too. When Ralph went in to get him he was ecstatic, probably thought he was changing families again when he was there so long. He heard Ralph and started barking and wining and the groomer said "you must be here to get Indy!"


A new Travelling Buddy

So, we have been looking for a certain someone to join us in our moving home. we found him yesterday. He is a 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Already trained, whoo hoo! I gave him a bath and brushed him but his hair is matted and he will have to go to the groomers, hopefully, in a couple of days. He has followed me all around, loves to walk on a leash, and slept in our bed last night. His name is Sparkles, however, we don't like it, and want to call him Indy. Does anyone out there know if he will learn a new name? He's such a sweetie.



Old Farmhouse Gathering Team

Old Farmhouse Gathering Team
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