Spring Bunnies

Welcome Spring and with it comes the Old Farmhouse Gathering on Etsy's celebration. I made these bunnies for it. At the end of this post will be a special I am having for Spring.

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These fellas are fresh out of my motor home. Below is some pics of how they came together. This pattern is one of mine and I thought you may like to see them getting hatched.

First, I printed the pattern on cardstock and traced the pieces onto muslin. I haven't made these in a while
so the first thing I had to do was read my directions.
You'll notice on my pattern parts, if I sew on the pencil line the pattern says trace on the fabric. If
the piece needs to be cut and sewn the pattern piece
will say cut from fabric.

Next, I organized my pieces: The bodys are cut and sewn with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and the rest are machine stitched on the pencil line.

There are 2 fronts and 2 backs to each body. Stitch
the 2 fronts together and then each back to opposite
sides. It's a good idea to pin your pieces before
you sew.

The foot and leg. When stitching the leg/foot
leave the toes open. Cut out your pieces and
line up the seam lines stitch a curve around
the toes.

Okay, so I know I said in the previous post
that I don't like to cut into the fabric, and I
don't. But in this case cutting into one layer
of fabric to stuff, we'll stitch up the hole
after, it's on the inside of the leg so it won't
show. Also, be sure and lay your
legs opposite so that the cuts go to the
inside of the leg.

It's time to turn right side out and stuff.
The ears are not stuffed but have a chenille
stem or wire inserted into them.

Attaching the legs. Pin legs to body, making
sure your legs sit flat on the surface and are even. There will be about a 1 to 1 1/2 inch gap between
the table and your bunny's bottom. You want your
bunny looking at you so that he is not looking down.

Use strong thread and stitch along the top side of the leg sending the needle through the seam and taking stitches behind the thigh. This will keep the stitches showing to a minimum.

The tail is one circle, hand-gathered and stuffed with the gathers pulled tight and secured.

Stitch your bunny's toes, there is instructions in the patter for this. Also, his fingers.

This time I added cut pieces of chenille stem to the arms as well as the ears to give the arms some posability.

Stitch on the arms, ears, and tail.

The eyes are painted and the nose, mouth and brows are stitched. I used an ash pink for the nose and black for brows and mouth.

Here you may stain
your bunnies before or after you paint the eyes. 

I painted the whites with antiques white. Let dry and add the iris, I used a chocolate brown and black for the pupil. A toothpick dipped in antique white works great for highlighting.

I also used a black, brown and white water color pencil on the eyes. I outlined the whole eye and around the iris in black, and then shaded with the brown to add the eyelid. I am showing this on the rabbits before I stained. But I repeated it after I stained, because it washed off. I also added pink paint to the inside of the ears, dry brushed it on and then sanded.

I stained my rabbits with a walnut crystal mix that I added cinnamon and cinnamon oil too. OOOH Smells so good.

I stitched on my pencil lines. I also added with my brown pencil 5 dots on either side of his nose for faux whiskers.  Be sure and spray the face with a matte sealer to afix the watercolor pencils. I used Krylon, Matte Finish.

The one with the pink bow will be in my etsy shop.
(And of course, it's pouring rain so I can't go outside to take pics for my etsy listing.)

The sun was so bright yesterday my pics didn't come out and the boys didn't like the sun in their eyes.

I know some of you scrolled down fast to see my special so here it is.
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Don't know what to comment cause you hate my bunnies? Well, how about telling me who
your favorite Idol is of the 13, soon to be 12.

Don't forget the Old farmhouse gathering on Etsy is having their spring celebration, check out all the special new items for this group on March 11th. Click here to see.


Firecracker Kid said...

Alice, you're funny:) Your bunnies are real cute, I like them. You know I don't stitch and I don't do Idol, but I do like your bunnies and those lil bunnies door hanger. Adorable! I'm sharing them on my FB wall:)

Alice said...

Thanks Carol, you are a sweetie and make wonderful wood shelves.

basketsbyrose said...

Love seeing how they are made and all the work that goes into making them. Thank you for sharing!

TeresaM said...

They are so cute Alice!!!

Barb said...

Those are so cute...but I have to leave the sewing to the professionals. To many bad words when I get the sewing machine out. Kids run for their lives.
Thanks for sharing!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I've never seen bunnies like this! They are so wonderful and I enjoyed your process pics so much-amazing transformation! ~*~Lisa

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

It was fun to see your bunnies come to life! They are super cute, thanks for sharing :0)



basketsbyrose said...

I just seen my Etsy shop on the left side, thank you so much for doing this. This is a great surprise!


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