Mesh & Tulle Wreath Tutorial

I'm not a wreath lover. Seeing all the ones made from tulle, burlap, ribbons, and mesh made me think I kinda like those. I really wanted something to go with my Christmas tree. The first tree I've had in 10 years.

So don't you just love Pinterest with all its pictures. I hunted down wreaths till I found some tutorials. Of course I did mine a little different so I thought I'd show you. 

I purchased my mesh and poinsettias from Dollar General, the straw wreath and tulle from Jo Ann's and I had ornaments left over that I didn't use on my tree. All in all this was pretty inexpensive to make. As ones I saw in stores were 60 to 70 dollars. Even at 50 percent off, I wouldn't buy them. 

 I decided to use curling ribbon for my ties. Besides being cheap, I had a feeling I might like them curled on the finished wreath.

First I ripped strips of muslin 3 inches wide and wrapped it around the straw wreath. I hot glued only at the ends. I also tied long strips of curling ribbon around my wreath base. I started with 22 inch and decided they weren't long enough and then made the rest 44 inches. Tie in a knot. I tied them tight and then realized maybe I'd want them loose enough to slide and move to tie the fabric on. You can do whichever your prefer. Most of my ties were knotted tight.

I began with the tulle and tied an end to the wreath. Make bow like loops and tie them going around your wreath. I realized I wanted more ribbon so added more now.

Just keep looping and tying your fabric around the perimeter. I kept going till I ran out of tulle. Then I did the same with the silver mesh ribbon. 

I used all the silver and had to finish with the second roll of mesh. 

You can do as many loops going around your perimeter as you like.  Once you have filled your wreath as full as you'd like it you can embellish.

I hot glued poinsettia flowers and hung a bulb in the center. I also added a loop of wire to the back to hang it. AND yes, I do like my curling ribbon on my wreath.

Where to hang it?
I planned putting it on my front door. But....

When the wrought iron screen is closed it squished my wreath and no one can really see it.

So I decided to hang it on my back door. 

I don't think I like it there either. But that's where its staying right now. I may just hang it on my front door but put it on the inside. Then I can see it.

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